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A decline in hearing abilities can happen to anyone at any age, and at Audiology Services in Columbia, SC, we want to make sure everyone can get back their healthy hearing. From the time you are a child, your ears are exposed to potential damage from the world around you. Loud music, over time, can affect your ability to hear specific frequencies and can lead to you having to strain to hear normal, everyday sounds.

Beginning with a comprehensive hearing evaluation, we find your specific issues so that we can best fit your needs. Our team will find the best hearing solution for you using their training in the latest audiology technology and their knowledge of our wide selection of hearing aids from a variety of manufacturers. After you’ve had time to test out your new device for a time, we give you personalized follow-up care to ensure your consistent satisfaction with your hearing and hearing device.

Stop missing out on the little things due to your hearing loss and get back to your life today. Give us a call now to begin your journey to better hearing and ear health with the assistance of our personalized devices and hearing services just for you here in Richland County. 

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enhanced communication

Through every step of the process, we are in this to enhance your ability to communicate with those around you. From testing your hearing levels to fitting a proper device and follow-up appointments, we cater to your specific needs. 


Missing an important phone call or knock at the door could lead to a dangerous situation, especially if you are home alone. Never miss out on hearing the things that matter most with our hearing aids.


We offer hearing devices at all different price levels to ensure that everyone has access to healthy hearing. Whether you need something small and simple or a more complex device, we will work with you to find the perfect fit for your budget.