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No matter the severity of your hearing loss issues, Audiology Services in Columbia, SC, has a large array of hearing devices in multiple styles to ensure that you find your perfect fit. If you are missing out on family events and conversations due to your declining hearing, it could be time to take advantage of our extensive hearing testing to find out exactly what degree of hearing loss you are experiencing.

Our hearing aids and services will allow you to enjoy special events and your favorite television shows again in comfort, as well as help you experience less difficulty in communication over the phone and even in person. It doesn’t matter if your hearing loss is related to age, noise, or an accident, our technology can amplify everyday sounds with a natural quality and feel. We can help with major hearing loss issues or minor inconveniences like driving down the highway with your turn signal on because you just couldn’t hear it. We will provide you with hearing amplifiers, listening devices, and hearing aids at the strength and in the style you prefer.

Don’t wait to get back to communicating more easily with those you love. Give us a call today to set up an appointment for hearing testing. If you’ve already received your hearing aid but need services such as cleaning or repairs, call us for an appointment or with questions 

services we offer:

● Hearing Testing

● Hearing Aid Fittings

● Hearing Aid Repair

● Hearing Aid Cleaning

● Battery Replacement